Make Good Managers Great with an Intelligent Operating Platform

Your team manages a thousand different things every day, during every shift. Built for enterprise, multi-unit and independent restaurants. our intelligent operating platform enables great guest experiences by

empowering managers to prepare and perform in the face of the unpredictable. Learn how HotSchedules can help your operation. 


Simplify Your Back Office, Grow Top-Line Revenue

Reduce the complexity of your tech-stack, deliver enterprise-wide visibility into performance, and enable store managers with on-time actionable insights that helps them make better decisions  that grow top-line revenue, control costs, maintain compliance, and drive operational consistency. 

Simple Employee Scheduling, Communication & Forecasting

Get out of the scheduling and communication weeds and give your team the industry's number one  cloud-based employee scheduling, communication and forecasting solution. 

Used by thousands of brands and over 2 million users - we help managers reduce the time it takes to schedule by 75% and give employees a single, centralized hub to connect and engage with their restaurant. 

Take Control of Operations, Enable Predictable Growth

Support your growth with a 

moduler, intelligent back office platform that connects your systems and data, simplifies your infrastructure, and increases visibility into food and labor costs - so that every new store can      deliver on the same level of product, service and quality that drove your

brand to success in the first place